How does counselling work with children and young people?

In person in Stokesley and Online Counselling in Saltburn-by-the-Sea.

My counselling approach with children and young people is firmly grounded in the humanistic tradition. Children and young people are very wise and instinctively know what they need. I believe that if they are able to express themselves through play and creative resources then they will work through their troubles and facilitate the release of potential change.

The core model of counselling that I work from is child-centred therapy. In addition, I can work with techniques and approaches integrated from transactional analysis, person-centred therapy, psychodynamic, attachment based, trauma-focused. My work is underpinned by child development and neuroscience.

Another element I use are creative play approaches that enable children and young people to naturally express themselves creatively. This enables them to find out about themselves in their process by connecting to their emotions and making sense of the issues they are facing. I provide creative materials such as art materials, sand tray, therapeutic cards and worksheets. Play provides behaviour opportunities to practice events, situations and routines with no pressure to get 'it right'. Only then a child or young person can move forward with their life from a position of emotional health.

Current Issues Young People are Faced With:

Carer support for younger sibling

Feeling different to peers

Anxious about attending school

Feeling bullied on social media

Withdrawn and uninterested

Getting angry and lashing out

Wanting to be happy but not feeling so inside

Feeling sad and anxious


Loss of meaning

Lacking self confidence

Feeling Lonely

Loss of direction

My own experience of counselling and therapy is that the most important relationship is the one between the counsellor and the client, this is the place where the most change takes place. My role as a counsellor working with your young person is to walk alongside and support them, to enquire, respectfully challenge and understand their perspective and their meaning of what is happening. This can enable your young person to realise their own inner resources to acquire a deeper understanding of themselves, their problems and engage more fully in life.

A Few Benefits of Counselling

Clarity, healing, self-awareness, personal growth, transformation, well-being, self-confidence, self-compassion, possibility, self-worth, self-acceptance, greater resilience, better relationships, change...

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