Self-care and achieving emotional wellbeing for caring parents/caregivers of neurodivergent, disabled children and young people
Caring for a neurodivergent, disabled child or young person is not always the easiest of tasks. Parents of these children need a lot of personal resources for themselves to manage the day-to-day emotional heavy lifting they have to do for their child as well as for all in their family. With referrals at all-time high […]
Mindfulness tips for Children and Young People
Mindfulness what is it and how does it work? Western science and Psychology have embraced this Eastern method of ‘being in the present mindfully’, by pausing and reflecting on thoughts and action that it helps a person achieve calmness of mind which increases personal wellbeing and happiness. The Dalai Lama advises ‘Do not let the […]
When is the Right Time to reach out and support your Child or Young Person through everyday chaos
Everyone needs help from time to time, we are all unique and life can be chaotic with a lot of demands made upon us. If your child or young person is already going through the change of adolescence then they may need some help to find relief by talking to someone. Below are a few […]
Some Personal Thoughts on School Absence
I have been hearing about children and young people being absent from school since the Covid Pandemic. I have a few thoughts of why some young people find the current Secondary School Environment not very conducive to their learning. Schools are mainly performance driven. This means that economics drives a school protocol. It seems to […]

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